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Birthday Anniversary Party Re-union Family gathering etc.,

no matter what the special occasion,

handcrafted, handmaded decor favours & gifts

will have your guests remembering the special occasion with a smile!


Party Crafts Decor Gifts Favours


Stage a great party:

Be a gracious host. As a host / hostess, it's your job to make your guests feel welcome. That includes some thought and planning before and during their stay. You will no doubt put a mega effort into making your home a welcome place to entertain your guests


Plan Plan Plan - Prepare Prepare Prepare


Choose & Fix - the date carefully


Choose a Theme that appeals to all your invited guests


Make it personal - That can be to honour the person you are having the party for, the occasion or your own personality and style!


Send out customized personalized crafted/bought Invitations timeously. Neither you nor invitees like to hear/say "sorry, i cannot make it"!


Make the Party Unique. A lot of people do the same thing when it comes to Party Themes.


Create the desired Ambience with Party Lights crafted/bought Lanterns Candle Holders and Candles which compliment the Theme and venue.


Craft, buy, order Table Favours - Offer Centrepieces as Favours.


Thank your guests for being there and having contributed to the success of the Party by giving them a carefully chosen unique crafted/bougth useful generic Thank you Gift.


Our products will ensure that your Restaurant - Coffee Shop - Function - Event - Party Venue will be

the most talked about venue/event people will rave about for a long time!


We can give you A-Z information about every item we create!


All products are versatile and can be made to suit any theme.

From Rustic - Romantic to Elegant and everything in between.



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