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Themed, Paper, Cardboard, Poster Board, Crafts, Bags, Boxes, Decor, Gifts, Favours, DIY, Craft Ideas

Paper, Crafts, Decor, Gifts, Favours, DIY, Craft, Ideas

Hi... hello....thanks for popping in!

Paper & Cardboard comes in 1001 different shapes, sizes, weights, and colours!

Choosing the right Paper/Cardboard is all you need to do to craft many, many, many, items.


Recycling Upcycling Paper and Cardboard

is another option to make unique and exceptional Cards, Tags, Gift Wrap and Boxes, and Decorations. Paint, Colour in, Fold, Origami, Cut, Shape, Paste, Glue, Stitch, Embroider, Punch, add Beads, Feathers, Ribbons, Lace, Buttons, Fabric, Wooden Shapes, Letters, Numbers, Bling, Pressed, Dried, Flowers, Grass, Wood, Wool, etc. to give any item a personlized, customized, touch to suit a specific theme or occasion.

Use, Posterboard, Newspaper, Magazines, Gift Wrap, Craft, Printed, Stamped, Paper.

Make your own Paper.


Paper, Cardboard, Poster Board, themed, Decor, Gift, Favour, Bags, Boxes Themed, Party, Gift, Bags, Boxes

Peek a boo, Invitations, Greeting Cards.

Printed, Paper, Poster board, Invitation, Card, with stitched in Curtain.

Paper, Crafts, Invitations, Greeting, Cards, Curtains
Paper, Crafts, Flowers, Sewing, Cards Paper, Flowers, Sewing, Cards
Paper, Poster Board, Name, Place, Cards, with, Silver, Clay, Ceramics, Horse Shoe, Flower and Leaves

Paper, Crafts, Name, Place, Cards

Woven, Paper, Magazine, Pages, stitched, Name, Place, Cards, Napkin, Serviette, Holders Woven, Magazine, Pages, Stitched, Name, Place, Cards, Napkin, Serviette, Pocket
Paper, Gift, Craft, Bags, & Boxes



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