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Before you dye the eggs, lay out the candy filled baskets and the Easter bunny arrives make some lasting Easter Decorations which will delight kids and adults of all ages and certainly make your table setting unique and exeptional.

Easter Bunny Easter Eggs

We guess Easter Crafts originate in Europe where Easter is in Spring.. Hence the many Birds, Flowers and Baby animals on offer as Easter Decor Gifts and Favours.

Easter Bunny Egg Basket

However, Easter does not happen in Spring everywhere in the world including South Africa. Hence our generic Decor Gift and Favour ideas and products.

Easter Eggs Decorations

Our Herb & Microgreen Planters Pots Trays and Candle Holders are perfectly suited for Easter. Fill an open Concrete or Clay Hand with Candy Eggs Flowers Candles or plants. The Hands look great as Table Decorations and can be placed in the Garden as a permanent feature.Use forever Clay Flowers to Decorate Baskets Bags and anything you want to embellish.

Crafting with Children for a special Occasion is always fun and rewarding. Who has not enjoyed multi coloured "artworks" on faces during easter egg painting sessions ?

Easter Lunch is often a long affair Kidz find boring. Make or buy some clay bunnies flowers and mushrooms, have some watercolour palettes ready and let Kids (and Adults) paint them. Kidz will most probably use them to create a fairy garden and be occupied for hours.

Fairy Garden

Make an Egg Hunt fun with Bunny Ear Bags, Pink for Girls, Blue for Boys, with space for all they can find.

Easter Egg Hunt

All products are versatile and can be made to suit any theme.


We have picked a few of our many products particularly suitable as

Easter Crafts Decor and Gifts



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