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Hi... Hello Cotton Crafters....thanks for popping in!

Cotton is Natural (sustainably grown) Biodegradable & Compostable making it SUPER versatile!

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Cotton Plant

RedBulletUpcycle Recycle scrap fabric and Cotton Lace into pieces of Art!

RedBulletAdd, Bling Beads, Feathers, ect.

RedBulletHand paint, Screenprint, hand embroider, machine embroider, tie dye, stitch, glue, stiffen, staple it.

RedBulletConcrete Cement Dip


We can give you A-Z information about every item we create!


All products are versatile and can be made to suit any theme.

From Rustic to Elegant and everything in between.


We have chosen a few items for you to view.

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Book Table Laptop Covers Cotton Canvas Cell Phone Bags

Cotton Drawstring Deco Gift Favour BagsDuffel Bags Cotton Canvas

Flower Pot Concrete Cement Dipped CottonHand Painted Cotton Tote Bags Potjie

Ndebele Beaded Cotton Tote BagsShweShwe Cotton Bags

Santa Christmas Gift BagsShweShwe Drawstring Bags

Tote Bags CottonTote Bags Screenprint Cotton

Vase Concrete Cement Dip Cotton Cut Glass BottleWine Bottle Bags Cotton

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Cotton Book Table Laptop Covers Cell Phone Drawstring Decor Gift Favour Duffel Bags Hand Painted Tote Bags Potjie Ndebele Zulu Beaded Santa Christmas ShweShwe Screenprint Wine Bottle Bags Vases Flower Pots Concrete Cement Dip Dipped Cut Recycle Upcycled Glass Bottle