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ArtArt? or Craft? Craft

Definition of Art

In layman’s terms we understand art to have  been created 
by someone who studied art. 

It includes  painting, sculpture,  drawing, 
photography, architecture, etc.

It is an open-ended, unstructured form of work. that cannot be reproducible.

‘Monalisa,’ the famous painting, made by

Leonardo DA Vinci is a great example of it.

Definition of Craft

Craft is a learned ability, which is  acquired by a person 
through regular practice, studies and training. 

Artist vs Crafter Artist versus Crafter am i an Artist or CrafterArtist or

Crafter Crafter vs Artist Crafter versus Artist Crafter or Artist

Many are Artists and Crafters.

Realizing an Idea/design, 9 out of 10,  requires specialized

Crafters skills and Artistic knowledge.

An Artist in layman's terms is someone who has studied art.

Artists design unique products which are not reproduced without the

Artists permission in any form whatsoever.


A Crafter is someone who is trained and qualified to work

with specific materials.

Crafters are professionals who create handmade products with their

hands, sweat and tears.

A Carpetender, Potter, Seamstress, Taylor, Chef,

Gardener, Baker, Goldsmith,

Blacksmith, Farrier, etc., is a Crafter.

People who replicate ideas and designs and work with

patterns made by someone other than themselves

can be considered to be hobby or copy Crafters.

Signs You Are an Artist and/or Crafter:

You literally consider all you see as "what can i transform this into?".

 Your hands are never clean and you’re okay with that.

You get really excited to see things left on the curb.

You appreciate beauty in things that may not be that way for others.

You shower AFTER work to wash remnants of

whatever material you were working with

out of every crevice of your body.

You can't decide if ink, paint, or glue is in your eyebrows,

nor do you know how long it's been there.

You are too scared to throw any scraps away,

take anything to the thrift shop, put in a yard sale,

or share because you might need it for something later.

When you hog the biggest room in the house for a

craft room and your stuff is still all over the house!

Time flies by and you can't believe it's past time for supper when

you feel like you just started.

You have five or six or nine or more pieces you're creating all at once…

You have a whole wardrobe of clothes that you

don't mind dripping paint on!

Wikipedia says.......

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual,

auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's

imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their

beauty or emotional power.

In their most general form these activities include

the production of works of art,

the criticism of art, the study of the history of art,

and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

A craft or trade is a pastime or a profession that requires particular skills and knowledge of skilled work. In a historical sense, particularly the Middle Ages and earlier, the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods, or their maintenance, for example by tinkers. The traditional terms craftsman and craftswoman are nowadays often replaced by artisan and rarely by craftsperson (craftspeople).


Handcrafted Decor Gifts Favours

Handmade Decor Gifts Favours

Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line,

hence handmade handcrafted products are more environmentally sustainable.


Most Crafters work with locally available and often re/upcycle material(s),

which results in minimal carbon footprints.

Many artists and crafters are eco conscious and use eco friendly,

biodegradable material(s)

whenever possible.


Handcrafted products are unique.


Every handmade handcrafted product can be personlized.


Spending your money on handmade, handcrafted, homemade products creates jobs.

Shifting just 10 percent of consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses

would create hundreds of new jobs and millions of Rands in local wages.


Handmade - handcrafted Products are not made by exploited children


Mass produced products are often made in factories and countries were child labour is common.

A year 2017 statistic reveals that around the world,

151.6 million children aged 5 to 17 are in child labour.


Experienced, trained and skilled Artists & Crafters make handmade handcrafted product.


By paying the extra few Rands for a handmade bag or what not, you are paying for

unique ideas, designs, knowledge, quality, experience, talent and skills.

And you are helping an artist / crafter to sustain him/herself and his/her dependants.


Your purchase may well be what makes the difference between an artist/crafter sustaining

him/herself and being dependant on social grants.


Every time you pay for an artists or crafters work, you are supporting someone who has most

probably no other means of income.


If you believe in supporting your community, buying from a local artist validates everything

an Artist or Crafter invests in a product.


Handcrafted, products, decor, favours favors + gifts make an event, party or function

unique and memorable.


We all buy handmade handcrafted products for different reasons.

Some feel a sense of camaraderie and community when we purchase something that was

handmade, handcrafted or homemade by another individual.

Some prefer the quality of handmade handcrafted products to cheap, automated factory prodcued

alternatives, and see buying handmade as a way  of quietly (or perhaps loudly)

protesting mass produced goods.

Some interpret their purchases as a means of support and love for another.

Some like the originality and authenticity found only in handmade handcrafted goods.

Some like it “just because”.

Some follow the eco crafts theory.

Some believe all of the above to be true.

No one reason has more value than the other.

No one reason is more right than the other.




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