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Marry me - Marriage Proposal - Engagement Party Decor Gifts and Favours Favors


It has to be special and unique!

Whether your "marry me" is a private or official occasion,

a handcrafted, handmade gift you and your significant other may

consider as the first item for your wedding decor, favours & gifts.

Many of our products are perfectly suited to do double and tripple duty.

From "marry me" to engagement to church aisles to wedding reception table.


An Engagement Proposal Marry me Gift can become an heirloom.


It can be the prototype for your wedding decorations.


You want it to be unique.


Whether you need the decor, gifts and favours to be romantic, rustic, elegant or in between,

we are certain we can come up with a unique gift or realize your own ideas and visions.


If you are planning a "will you marry me" engagement party,

we'd be honoured to create decor, favours and gifts for you.


We can make you items to be the initial engagement decorations which transform into wedding decorations, direction pointers, church aisle as well as reception table decoration in minutes.

Artist designed handcrafted decor gifts and favours will have your most discerning guests memorize your party as an exceptional event.




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