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Papercrete mix recipe
Concrete Craft Mixes Recipes
Concrete, Décor, Decorations, Gifts, Favours, Favors, for Homes, Lodges, B+Bs, Coffee, Shops, Cafes, Restaurants, Venues, Events, Party, Parties, Functions, Weddings, Easter, Birthdays, Halloween, Xmas, Christmas, Weddings |Concrete, Cement, Natural, White, Bronze, Rose, Gold, Silver. Concrete, Life Cast Hands, Bags, Planters, Vases, Flowers, Cone, Trees, Flowers, Containers, Bowls, Tealights, Candle Holders, Trays, Egg Cartons, Hurricane, Lamps, Lights, Gugelhupfs, Tree Trunks, Tree Stumps, | Personalized, Customized, Elegant, Rustic, Indoors, Outdoors, Concrete, Decorations and Gifts |


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Concrete, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, Crafts, Decor, Gifts

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Cement, Concrete, Beton, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, CraftsConcrete, Crafts, Craft, Ideas, Decorations, Gifts, Favours

Handcrafted | Custom made | Personalized | Concrete, Cement, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, Decor,Gifts, Favours, for Lodges, B&Bs, Coffee, Garden, Shops, Restaurants, Venues, Events, Party, Parties, Weddings, Home, Special Occasions

Papercrete versus Concrete:

Papercrete is a lot lighter than concrete. It is porous like Hypertufa.

It is cement mixed with paper pulp. Multipurpose Papercrete mix: 3 x ready to use Paper Pulp, 2parts cement, Water as needed to get the consistency you want for your project. Pouring = yoghurt/custard consistency, for scultping/shaping you need the consistency of bread dough.

The appearance of whatever it is one makes depends entirely on what (egg carton, brown cardboard, magazine pages, newspaper, etc.) pulp one uses.

Papercrete is a lot of fun to work with because one is not restricted to mixing paper pulp only, add crushed dried leaves flowers grass etc., to add surface interest to the final product.

Unsealed Papercrete pots bowls bags are great to use as planters. Due to its porousness, strategically placed moss and lichen will grow on the outside surfaces.

Concrete Cement Beton Papercrete

Concrete is best mixed according to standard instructions. Or use premixes such quick/fastcrete.


Craftwizards know what mixes and finishes to use depending on what the final product is used for and what it has to look like.

DIY Instructions & Concrete, Cement, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, mix, Recipes


Our products will ensure that your Home - Lodge - Restaurant - Coffee Shop - Function - Event - Party Venue will be

the most talked about venue/event people will rave about for a long time!


All our products are versatile and can be made to suit any theme.

From Rustic to Elegant and everything in between.


Check out our, Halloween, Concrete, Ghosts, requiring, concrete, crafts, draping model structures,
Concrete, Cement, Beton, Crafts Concrete, Cement, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, Crafts

Concrete, Cement, Plaster of Paris, Hands Bags, Pots, Planters, Bowls, Tealight, Candle Holders, Decorations, Gifts, Favours

All products can be personlized and are available Natural, Gold, Rosegold, Bronze, Silver White or any colour you need them to be.

Suitable to be used in and outdoors.

Concrete, Tree, Trunks, Stumps

DIY Instructions

Concrete, Tree, Trunks, Stumps

Concrete, Cement, Cone, Shaped, Trees, made with, String, or, Wool.

Make it a small Garden Feature. Use it as Table Centre Pieces, Christmas and Party Decorations, Illuminate a Path or Driveway. Give them away as Gifts.

Suitable for Tealights Battery Operated Candles or give them a pop of colour with coloured Fairy String Lights.

Paint them with metallic paint for extra brightness.

Concrete Trees Green

Concrete Trees White

Cone, Trees, Concrete, Cement, Natural
Cone, Trees, Concrete, Cement, Colour

Concrete, Egg, Cartons, Trays, White, Cement. Use them as Table, Centre Piece, Decorations, filled with, Flowers, planted with, Succulents, add, Tealights, Candles, Dessert bites, filled with Chocolates the Concrete, Egg, Carton, Trays, make, extraordinary, unique, pieces to display no matter what the occasion. Or simply use them as, Egg, Storage, Trays.

Concrete, Egg, Cartons, White, 6 Eggs

Concrete, Egg, Cartons, White, 18 Eggs

Concrete, Bags, Planters. These, Concrete, Bags are versatile. They can be "dressed" up or down to fit in with elegant, romantic or rustic themes. They are designed to be used as Condiment holders, planters, vases, tealights, candle holders, gifts and favours, for,Weddings, Events, Party, Parties, or any, Special Occasion. Concrete, Bags, Planters

Concrete, Bags,

Outside measurements: w130 x h 130 x d 65mm

Inside measurements: w95 x h50 x 40mm

Concrete, Bags

Miniature - Concrete, Bags, Flower, arrangement, containers, Vases, Candle Holders.

Outside measurements: w80 x h60 x d45mm

Inside measurements: w65 x h30 x d25mm

Concrete, Bags, Miniature

Concrete, Bags, covered in, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, decorated with, concrete, flowers.

Use them as Decor Gifts Favours Tealights Candle or Flower Vase holders

Grow, Bags, for Herbs, and, Microgreens

Concrete, Bags, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Top View Concrete, Bags, Burlap, Hessian, Jute, Concrete, Flowers

Concrete, Cloth, Rag, Towel, dipped, Flower, Pots, Vases, decorated with, Plaster of Paris, Flowers, and, Leaves. Although, you can plant, or pour water, directly into the pot, we used a, Cut, Glass, Bottle, Vase, inner.

Concrete, Pots, Rag, Dipped, Cement, Cut, Bottle, Vases

Cotton, Drawstring, Bag, Concrete, Cement, dipped. This bag is as versatile as most of our products. Suitable to be used in and outdoors.

Use it as a vase, candle holder, planter, pen holder - menu -holder serviette holder - straw holder , etc.

Concrete, Drawstring, Bag, Rag, Pots, Vases

Miniature, Concrete, Potjie, Pot - Use it as, Candle, Holder, Votive, Herb, Microgreen, Grow Pot, Planter, Decor, Gifts, Favours

These can be painted personalized customized to suit your requirements

Concrete, Potjie, Pots, Candle, Holder, Votive

Concrete, Cement, Cone, Trees, Candle, Hurricane, Shields.

Concrete, Cone, Trees,  Candle, Hurricane, Shields

Concrete, Cement, Plaster of Paris, Gugelhupf, Candle Holder, Flower, arrangement, Container, Vase, Table, Decor, Centre Piece, Gifts, Favours.

Concrete, Candle, Holder, Gugelhupf
Concrete, Vases, Gugelhupf

Concrete, Papercrete, Bowls, Planters, Tealight, Candle, Condiment, Terracotta Pot, Holders

Standard size or made to any size you may need, customized and personlized.

These make stunning, table, decorations, gifts, and, favours, for any occasion.

Concrete, Bowls

Concrete, Plaster of Paris, Hands

These are the most versatile Decor items you've ever seen.

They can be used in and oudoors.

Available in natural and White concrete - Gold - Rose Gold - Silver + Bronze, or any colour you need them to be.

They are transformed in minutes to fulfill various functions:

From Enagement, Wedding proposal, Marry me gift,

to Direction pointers

to Church aisle as Flower, Candle, Holder

to Table Decoration

Gifts - Favours

Rustic - Elegant - Romantic

They can be made to suit any theme

and with a level platform can hold anything you want them to hold, hence are suitable for any occasion.

Battery operated tealight candles under a

silk/fabric flower creates a special ambience!

Each hand is handcrafted, hence finger shapes may vary slightly.

They can be made cupped or stretched out.

Concrete, Hands

Concrete, Hand, Flower, Candle, Holder

Concrete, Hand, Tealight, Holder, Silk, Flower

Concrete, Hand, Flower, Jar, Holder

Concrete, Plaster of Paris, Life Cast, Hands, single, double, intertwined, Baby, hands. A lasting gift to commemorate an Event, Party or Milestone.

All Hands are available in:

Natural, White, Concrete, Plaster of Paris, Bronze, Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, or any colour you want them to be.

Concrete, Life, Cast, Hands

Concrete, Life, Cast, Hands, 2

Papercrete, Crafts, Decor, Gifts

Most of our, Concrete, Crafts, draping model structures, and molds, can be used for, Papercrete, and, plaster of Paris, Crafts

Mini, Papercrete, Bags, Flower, Pots, Vases.

'Dress' them up or down to suit the occasion.

Papercrete, Bags, Flower, Pots, Vases
Papercrete, Bags
Papercrete, Bowls, with a Terracotta, Herb, Microgreen, Pot.
Papercrete, Bowls
Plaster of Paris, Crafts, Decorations, Gifts, Favours

We use many of our, Concrete, Molds, to make, Plaster of Paris, items.

Plaster of Paris, Crafts, dry quicker than, Concrete, and Papercrete. Hence, are ready for painting, varnishing, and further embellishement within a day or two. If you are in a great hurry, Plaster of Paris, Crafts, can be dryed, at 60 degrees celsius, in an ordinary Household Oven, without cracking or shrinking. Checking for dryness: Let the oven baked Craft item cool completly, if it is cool to the touch it is not dry.

Air drying Plaster of Paris Crafts: Depending on the thickness and size of the Craft item, allow at least, 48hrs for drying. Small items, can be demolded, within 30-40 minutes of pouring.

Plaster of Paris, Bubble Wrap, Bowls, Tubs, embellished with painted and varnished, Flowers, Leaves, and, Hearts.

These are as multipurpose as any of the above featured, Concrete, and, Papercrete, Craft, items.

Plaster of Paris, Bowl, Tub
Plaster of Paris, Life cast, Hands Plaster of Paris, Life Cast, Hands

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DIY Instructions & Concrete Cement Papercrete Plaster of Paris mix Recipes


Concrete Craft Mixes Recipes Additives, such as cement oxide colour pigment powder, natural dried flowers, leaves, grass, polystyrene pearls or worms may be added. One can either expreriment or search online for mixes others have used. A General rule can be applied: Additives other than colour pigment powders can be considered aggregates. = 1part Water, 2parts Cement, 3 parts aggregates (2parts of unconventional aggregates + one part sand is another option.

A good easy multipurpose

Concrete Cement mix for Crafting is:

1 part Cement 2 Parts Sand (aggregate)

+/- 1 Part Water

CAUTION: Add water slowly bit by bit

to avoid ending up with cement "soup". However, if that happens simply add more cement and aggregate until you have the required consistency. If you have no experience working with Concrete Cement and aggregates, we recomment to have a dry Cement and Sand mix on stand by to fix your mistake of adding too much water.

For intricate shapes, add Wood, Craft or School Glue to make the mix stronger.

The all purpose Crafting Concrete Cement mix should have the consitency of Yoghurt or Custard. It can be poured into moulds or with a little less water shaped or sculptured into a free form.

Concrete made with 1part Cement and
1part Water mixed to a lump free smooth slithly runny consisentency)
only is not very strong, but can be used for very small items like Hearts Name Gift Tags Stars Balls or Tealight Candle Holders.

Concrete Gift Name Tags

Concrete Tree Trunks are made with Cotton Circles dipped into Cement + Water mix (the Cotton is the aggregate then draped over a Tumbler Pipe or toilet cardboard core. Make an indent at the top for a Tealight Candle, Egg, Paperclips, etc. Arrange the Concrete dipped Cotton Cloth, Fabric Rags or Towels, to resemble a tree trunk. Let dry for a few days. Take out the Tumbler or whatever else you used as upright. Now Paint the Tree Trunk with different shades of brown.


Concrete Flower Pots & Vases - You can make Concrete Flower Pots and Vases the same way as the Tree Trunks with Cotton Fabric Cloth, Rags or Towels dipped into Natural or White Cement Water mix. Cut the Fabric, Rag or Towel big enough to cover your chosen shape + fold over. Lay the Concrete Cement dipped cloth, rag or towel on a flat surface, gather the fabric and tie it at the height you want the flower pot or vase to be. Arrange the folds evenly and turn the fabric above the tie over the tie line. The pictured Flower Pot has been converted into a vase by inserting a cut glass bottle. You can use a tumbler, pvc pipe, or any other suitable shape.

Or make The Flower Pots and Vases the same way we make Concrete or Papercrete Bags and Bowls. If you intend to fill the Flower Pots with soil, don't forget to drill a drainage hole.



Concrete Papercrete Hypertufa Pots and Containers for plants:

Mix 35ml Vinegar with 1lt (Ratio 1-30) of water and soak pots you intent to use for soil for 1/2 an hour to neutralize alkaline (ph) which most plants do not like. Rinse and dry (sun dry whenever possible) thoroughly before adding soil and plants.

Concrete String Wool Cone Trees Candle Chimneys Shields are made with the same mix as the Tree Trunks/Stumps. Wind the String/Wool dipped into Natural grey or white Cement+Water mix and wind it around a Cardboard Cone sized to suit your application. Let it dry and remove the Cone Template. You can achieve colour and colour hues by painting the strings or with coloured Fairy String Ligths. 1m Copper Lights work well and are easy to insert. We recommend a coat of clear varnish/sealer for outdoor use. Any Polyurethane sealer will do the job.

Concrete Egg Cartons: Make a White Cement Water mix , (no sand needed, the egg carton is the aggregate). Smear the cement all over (top and botton) the egg carton or if you do not want to use bare hands, use a paintbrush. Let dry for 2-3 days. Now varnish the egg carton to make it weatherproof and easy to clean. If you used natural grey cement, paint or spray paint the egg carton with a high quality paint and varnish it.

Concrete - Papercrete - Plaster of Paris - Bags Line your chosen Container or Tub with, Bubble Wrap, Lace, Newspaper, Giftwrap, Cotton or other Fabric, Hessian, Jute, Burlap, Feathers, Bling, Buttons, etc, to give the bags the appearance you want. Make a multipurpose Craft Concrete, Papercrete or Plaster of Paris mix, (Plaster of Paris mix: 2Parts Plaster of Paris 1part Water)pour into a container of your choice (Margerine or Butter Tubs ), pour the Cement, Papercrete or Plaster Paris mix into the container (do not fill to the top - +/- 3\4 full), insert a solid round or rectangular block, glass, or cylinder to create the indent you want to achieve.Add the handles by pushing them into the still wet medium of your choice, Let the Concrete, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris dry for 2-3days before popping the insert and bag out. Finish it with paint, decoupage, add Concrete or Plaster of Paris Flowers to the rim, and varnish to make the bag and other weatherproof and wipeable.


Concrete - Papercrete - Plaster of Paris - Bowls

These are made the same way as the Bags with different shaped Containers, Silicone Bowl or Molds and without handles.

Concrete Plaster of Paris Life Cast Hands

Concrete and Plaster of Paris Life Cast Hands require a few steps and specialized Materials.

Hands made with Rubber or Silicone Gloves are easy and do not require anything special other than the Rubber or Silicone Gloves. Insert the Glove into a tall container which allows you to fold the glove opening over the rim. Secure the glove with pegs a strong elastic or cable tie. Make a glue enforced Concrete or Plaster of Paris or Cement and Water mix. Pour the chosen mixture into the glove. Fill the fingers first, remove and "knead" the glove frequently to prevent air pockets. Once filled secure the opening with a knot, bag clip, or bull clip. Lay the glove into or over a bowl or can and arrange it to give you the shape you want. Now we advice you to practice PATIENCE. Do not touch or move the Glove until it is DRY (3-5 days)! Remove the Rubber or Silicone Glove and let the Hand Dry for another 2days. Now you can finish it to suit your requirements.

Concrete Plaster of Paris Potjie Pots and Gugelhupf Candle Holders,

These require (preferably silicone or pvc molds) you can make yourself or buy. The Gugelhupf Silicone molds you will be able to get from most Bakery supply stores. Pour the Concrete Craft or Cement Water Mix or Plaster of Paris mix into the mold. Let dry for 3-5days and finish the items to suit your requirements.



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