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We at Craft Wizard know a thing or two about handmade handcrafted products!


We can give you A-Z information about every item we create!


Work done by hand takes less energy than a mass production assembly line, which makes it more

environmentally sustainable.


Most Crafters work with locally available materials and often recycle or upcycle material(s),

which results in minimal carbon footprints. Many artists and crafters are eco conscious and use

eco friendly and or biodegradable material(s).

Buying eco friendly decor favours + gifts not only demonstrates that you are eco conscious,

eco friendly decor has most probably been designed to be re-usable,

eco friendly favours to be as yummy, practical or usable

eco friendly gifts to be if not usable or edible to be biodegradable.


Handcrafted products are unique.


All handmade handcrafted products can be personlized.


Spending your money on handmade, handcrafted products creates jobs. Shifting just 10 percent of

consumer spending in a particular area to locally owned businesses would create hundreds of new

jobs and millions of Rands in local wages.


Handmade - handcrafted Products are not made by exploited children


Mass produced products are often made in factories and countries were child labour is common.

A year 2017 statistic reveals that around the world,

151.6 million children aged 5 to 17 are in child labour.


Experienced, trained and skilled Artists & Crafters make handmade handcrafted product.


By paying the extra few Rands for a handmade bag or what not, you are paying for

unique ideas, designs, knowledge, quality, experience, talent and skills.

And you are helping an artist / crafter to sustain him/herself and his/her dependants.


Your purchase may well be what makes the difference between an artist/crafter sustaining

him/herself and being dependant on social grants.


Every time you pay for an artists or crafters work, you are supporting someone who has most

probably no other means of income.


If you believe in supporting your community, buying from a local artist validates everything

an Artist or Crafter invests in a product.


Handcrafted, products, decor, favours + gifts make an event, party or function

unique and memorable.


We all buy handmade handcrafted products for different reasons.


Some feel a sense of camaraderie and community when we purchase something that is

handmade, handcrafted or homemade by another individual.


Some prefer the quality of handmade handcrafted products to cheap, automated factory prodcued

alternatives, and see buying handmade as a way  of quietly

protesting mass produced goods.


Some interpret their purchases as a means of support and love for another.


Some like the originality and authenticity found only in handmade handcrafted goods.


Some like it “just because”.


Some follow the eco craft theory.


Some believe all of the above to be true.


No one reason has more value than the other.


No one reason is more right than the other.



©Craft Wizard - March 2018

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