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Advent is the 4 weeks build up to Christmas, which is celebrated around the World and considered the highlight of the year.

Advent and Christmas Crafts are popular around the world and vary from Country to Country and Family to Family.

Advent and Christmas Crafts, are particularly popular in Countries in the Northern Hemisphere because the days are short and cold, leaving the population to spend long evenings indoors. But because the crafted Advent and Christmas Decorations and gifts are so pretty and are often a great way to make (occupy children during long evenings) with Children, Southern Hemisphere Countries have adopted many Northern Hemisphere Craft Ideas. Hence, Advent and Christmas Decorations look similar around the world.

We have selected a few of our most popular, Advent and Christmas Craft, items for you to view here.

for images and detailed information


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African Bead and Wire Art.

Let’s start with the nuts and bolts: Wire-art is said to have begun in the townships and rural areas, with children (and sometimes their parents) making toys from discarded materials they were able to recover, such as old fence wire, tin cans, bottle tops, etc.

Over time, the saleable value of these items was noticed, and people started to make items not only for themselves, but to sell to others. So how did these wire sculptures become beaded? It is hard to determine, but in Southern Africa, beads have been found in important historical sites across Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The uses of beads differ widely across the African Continent and the world, and include: Relaxation, Worry beads are used in many cultures for relaxation, and as amulets to guard against bad luck.

Currency: One of the uses of Aggry beads from Ghana was a way of payment during early trade in Africa. Europeans first collected aggrybeads from the West Coast of Africa in the 15th Century.

Games: Some games are played using Beads.

Adornment: historically, beadwork was the insignia of tribal royalty.

Used for souvenirs and to raise awareness: 

Contemporary uses now include beaded Souvenirs, such as wild Animals, (particularly the Big 5), Décor, and Gifts, Customized, Personalized, items and, art pieces.

The list continues to grow as the art form evolves.

With the various uses of beads, and with wire being a relatively cost-effective and strong structures for beadwork, it is only suffice to say that this mixing of Beads and Wire was a logical next step in the development of this art-form.

Independent, rural, Kraal, Artists have seen the commercial value of handmade wire and bead products and started selling these informally.

The Crafts started evolving as artists started seeing that new products needed to be developed constantly to stay ahead of the growing competitive pack.

This, coupled with formal organisations opening within the craft industry, innovating and refining the quality of the art through skills-training, this once haphazard collection of styles, became a respected art-form in it’s own right.

Even more so as people try to identify with something tangible, familiar, and unique in a fast-paced and sometimes impersonal shopping experience.

As the trends shift away from mass-produced, cheap imports, and ‘faceless’ products, a renewed appreciation for handmade, unique (no 2 pieces are the same) products, made by hand, accompanied with a story, is gaining popularity internationally.

Chicken, and other, Wire, Mesh, is increasingly used to make, Beaded, Wire, Baskets, and Sculptures of all shapes and sizes.

While our Bead and Wire Artists, depending on their heritage, all have their own unique style, they love the challenge of producing an original commissioned piece of art, Decorations, Gifts, and Favours.

Product Images & Descriptions

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Eco friendly - Biodegradable - Hessian Jute Burlap Crafts - Decor - Bags - Baskets
Hessian Jute Burlap Invitations packaged into an equally eco friendly biodegradable Paper Bag Invitation Scroll

Hessian Jute Burlap

Event Party Wedding Decorations

Burlap Hessian Jute Decor

Hessian Jute Burlap Baskets

Use it as Decoration - Centre Piece - Gifts or Favours

Available in Natural and customized personalized to suit your theme

and Occasion

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Burlap Hessian Jute Basket - Centre Piece
Hessian Jute Cups Baskets

For more Bottle Bags BeadArt Beaded Gifts Favours Decor

The link will take you to

which is part of Craftwizard

Hessian Jute Burlap, Bottle,  Jute Burla, Wine, Bottle, Gift, Bag, Bags, Gifts, Favour, Favours, Decor, Decoration, Decorations

Hessian Jute Burlap Corsage

Made to suit your requirements

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Hessian Jute Burlap, Corsage, Corsages

Hessian Jute Burlap Lace Decor Gift & Favour Bags

Made to suit your requirements

For more Hessian Bags and Drawstring Bags BeadArt Beaded Gifts Favours Decor

The link will take you to

which is part of Craftwizard

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Hessian Jute Burlap, Drawstring, Gift, Favour, Bag, Bags
Hessian Jute Burlap, Gifts, Favour, Bag, Bags, Mini, Shopper, Wedding, Event, Party, Decor, Decorations, Decoration, Gift, Gifts, Favour, Favours

Hessian Jute Burlap Flowers

Available in Natural and decorated with Bling Lace Colour to suit your Party Wedding Special Occasion theme

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

 Burlap Hessian Jute Flowers

Hessian Jute Burlap and Lace Flowers

Add Lace, coloured ribbon, bling....the choice is yours to suit your Party Wedding Venue or Special Occasion Theme

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Burlap Hessian Jute Lace Flowers

Hessian Jute Burlap Cutlery Pockets Bags Sleeves

Available in Natural and decorated to suit your Party Wedding Venue or Special Occasion theme

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Hessian Jute Burlap Cutlery Bags Pockets Sleeves

Hessian Jute Burlap Table Runners

Available in Natural and decorated to suit your Party Wedding Venue or Special Occasion theme

Order them to be made printed or embroidered to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Burlap Hessian Jute Table Runners
Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Drawstring - Santa Bags - Santa Sacks

Hessian - Jute - Burlap

Halloween Loot Trick or Treat Bags

Suitable for Hand painting Screenprinting Hand and Machine Embroidery

Order them to be made to your specifications or ask for DIY Instructions

Burlap Hessian Jute Halloween Bags

Easter Egg Hunt Bags - These bags make an Egg Hunt special. They can printed - handpainted - machine or hand embroidered - or embellish them with beads and feathers or anything else you may want to add.

Order them with different coloured ears or ask for DIY Instructions

Easter Egg Hunt Bag Bags Hessian Jute Burlap Bunny Ear Bag Bags

Hessian - Jute - Burlap and Paper or Cotton

Easter Decor Gift and Favour Bags

Order them with different coloured ears or ask for DIY Instructions

Easter Bunny Ear Bags - Burlap Hessian Jute Cotton Paper


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Cut Bottle Candle Votives Floating Permanent Wicks Cut Bottle & Terracotta Pot Candle Votives Wax Burners with Floating Permanent Fiberglass Wicks
Candle Wick Permanent Floating Candle Wicks Cut Bottle Top Cut Bottle Top Floating Permanent Fiberglass Candle Wicks
Table Fire Garden Torch Candle Wax Table Top Fire Garden Torch Candle Wax Permanent Floating Candle Torch Wicks
Room Space Heaters Terracotta Pot Candles Room Space Heater Powered with Candle Wax Terracotta Pot Floating Permanent Candle Wicks
Room Space Heaters Terracotta Pots DIY Diagram

Room Space Heaters

Terracotta Pots

DIY Diagram

Candle Wax Terracotta Pot Candle Votives Candle Wax Terracotta Pots Votives. Ideal size for Candles Fires Torches and Room Heaters
Fiberglass Permanent Candle Torch Wicks Fiberglass Permanent Candle Torch Wicks
more info and DIY Instructions


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Clay Craft, is usually associated with,

Air Dry, Modeling, Clay

There are many different types on the market and their quality and properties vary greatly. Common Craft Air Dry Clay can be found in most Craft supply and hardware, Stores.

Air Dry Clay Modelling Clay White Terracotta

Advantages of - Air dry Clay

1. No Special Equipment Needed -

This is easily the most wonderful feature of air dry clays: Most air dry clays are non-toxic and do not require any special tools or equipment, such as an expensive kiln. 

3. Unique Structures Are Possible

Unlike ceramics, air dry clays can (and should) utilize internal armatures to strengthen the sculpture. Using an integrated armature means that you can build very thin structures (like horse legs) while still having them very strong.

4. A Different Kind of Durability

While ceramic is strong, it's also inflexible and has a tendency to shatter when dropped. CPC, on the other hand, dries to the consistency of a soft wood and therefore has a very slight amount of give. As a result, it's more likely to dent or chip rather than break apart. An internal armature gives it added strength.

5. Can be Combined With Other Media

This is a big one: While ceramic pieces can have other materials added after they have been fired, air dry clay sculptures can have these unique materials integrated right from the beginning where they form an integral part of the sculpture.
Not even polymer clay can boast this because it also needs to be baked in an oven.

Polymer, Clay

Polymer clay is oil-based and basically a plastic.Polymer clay is a great misnomer! It is not in any way, shape or form Clay.
Polymer clay requires an oven to cure. It will not dry/cure when left out (it will harden, but you can easily get polymer clay softeners in craft stores or simply use coconut oil to soften it and make it workeable again) 
While regular craft paints, varnish, gloss or even nail polish can be used on dried, air dry clay, polymer clay, you need specific polymer clay varnishes or water based varnish, for cured polymer clay.

Polymer, Clay

Ceramic clays, – are clays that require a kiln to cure. These include earthenware, stoneware, ceramic, and porcelain.


Clay, Bisque,  refers to items that have been fired once and has no chemically bonded water left in the clay. Bisque items are hard and insoluble. A Bisque can be painted with craft paint, watercolour, or natural dyes, and varnished, or painted with acrylic paint, glazed and fired.


Clay Ceramics ♦ Bisques ♦ Air Dry Clay ♦ Decor ♦
Gifts ♦ Favours ♦ DIY Craft Ideas

Crafted Items Products ♦ Images & useful information

DIY Instructions ♦ Tipps & Tricks


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We have taken Coffee Crafts, Craft Coffee to another Level!

What does the word “craft” really mean? To make “craft” anything means you need to use special experience and techniques.

Our passion for, Recycling, Upcycling, and working with, Natural, and , recycled, materials,

have led us to experimenting with, used, Ground, Coffee, Grounds.

The natural oils in Coffee made this a major challenge. The, used, ground, Coffee, grounds, do not bind with common Craft mediums.

Many trials and errors , led to a Craft Formula, to make, extraordinary, unique, used, Recycled, Upcycled, ground, Coffee, grounds, items.

Images and Information Re: Coffee, Crafts, Craft, Decor, Gift, Ideas, Projects

We are currently experimenting sculpting with, used, ground, Coffee, grounds.

We will update the page as soon as we have

successfully sculpted some presentable items.



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Concrete, Papercrete, Plaster of Paris, Crafts, Decorations, Gifts, Favours, DIY, Craft Ideas
Crafting with Concrete, Cement, Papercrete, and, Plaster of Paris, is messy and requires one to have the ability to follow instructions. Read up as much as you can BEFORE you start. You may prefer, Concrete, Cement, to Papercrete, or, Plaster of Paris.

Messy it may be, but the possibilities of what you can make with Concrete, Cement, Beton, Papercrete, and, Plaster of Paris, are endless.

Click here for Basic DIY Craft Instructions

Concrete Cement Beton Plaster of Paris Mix Recipes,

Tips and Tricks & Images


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Cotton Bags - Drawstring Bags - Gifts Bags - Favour Bags - Party Bags - Cotton Decor Gifts and Favours Favors
For more Cotton Bottle, Gift and Favour Bags Cotton Decor Favours Gifts Cotton Craft Drawstring Bags Pouches

Cotton is a hugely versatile fabric suitable to literally turn any idea into a garment ♦ Decor item ♦ Gifts ♦ Favours ♦ it is available in many different weights and fabrics making it the ideal fabric for crafting
it can hand or machine embroidered
hand painted ♦ screen printed
on top of it's versatility, natural unbleached cotton is eco friendly ♦ biodegradable ♦ compostable
provided it is not embellished with non biodegradable items

Cotton & Macrame Crafts


Macrame Crafts
For more Cotton Decor Products and Ideas Cotton Decor Favours Gifts Cotton Craft Bags Decor Gifts Favours

Watch this space.......exciting stuff Coming soon

or follow the links above for more cotton products


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Easter Decor Gifts & Favours

Easter Decorations Gifts Favours

Easter Table Decorations Place Name Cards on Recycled Upcycled Wine Cork Gold Easter Bunny and Origami Napkin Serviette Bunny.

This simple Decor Idea will enhance any Easter Table.

Easter Place Name Cards Napkin Serviette Bunny

Concrete Cotton Cloth Draped Egg Cup Tree Trunk Tealight Candle Holders decorated with Easter Bunnies Flowers Carrots and Egg Shell Grown Herbs.

Concrete Tree Trunks Egg Cups
Concrete Egg Cartons Trays for 6 & 18 Eggs filled with Easter goodies will surely have something for a large group of people.

Concrete Egg Carton Trays 6 Eggs

Concrete Egg Carton Tray 18 Eggs

6 Egg Concrete Egg Carton Tray filled with Easter Bunnies and other Easter Goodies Chocolate and Egg Shell grown Herbs.

This is an eyecatching and yummy edible Easter Table Decoration Centre Piece

Easter Concrete Egg Carton-Tray-6-Eggs
Egg Carton Egg Shell Grown Herbs Micro-Greens
Clay Easter Decoration - Gifts - Favours - The Trays can be reused as condiment holders - Tealight candle holders - The terracotta pot makes a perfect egg cup and with a sprig of greenery on the second indent will look stunning on any Breakfast table or tray. For Easter the pot has been planted with watercress in cotton wool which has grown into a bright green ball. Easter Decorations Bunny Flower Carrot Herb Terracotta Pot Tray
The Clay or Concrete hand holds the same Terracotta pot, Easter Bunny and a clay forever flower. The hand can be used for anything you want. As a vase, condiments, flower pot, candle, etc. holder. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The hand is very versatile and makes an extraordinary centre piece, gift or party favour for your guests. Easter Bunny Flower Carrot Herbs Microgreens Terracotta Pot Hand
Add different paintable Clay Easter Bunnies - Paint them yourself or leave them blank and let your guests paint them. For no mess and easy clean up provide Watercolour paint palettes and a few brushes. Easter Bunny Bunnies Handcrafted Clay Bisque Decor Gift Gifts Favour Favours
Egg Hunt Bags - These bags make an Egg Hunt special. They can printed - handpainted - machine or hand embroidered - or embellish them with beads and feathers or anything else you may want to add. Easter Egg Hunt Bunny Ears Bags

Cotton - Hessian - Jute - Burlap - Paper

Easter Decor Gift and Favour Bags

Easter Decor Gift Favour Bags - Cotton Paper Hessian Jute Burlap

Paper Carrot Bags

and Boxes

Carrot Paper Bags Boxes
Unique Easter Table Decorations Herb Microgreens Potjie Pots which can be use as Candle Holders or Bric a Brac Containers after the Herbs are eaten. Easter Decorations Potjie Pots Herbs Microgreens
This Herb Microgreen Container with a Terracotta Pot can be used as a Candle Holder after the Herbs are eaten or simply replant it with any sprouts.


Edible Decor - Favours - Gifts Pointing Down

This hancrafted pot or bowl, planted with watercress adds a pop of colour to any decor. Herbs planted in cotton wool will sprout quickly and can be used at an event to compliment what's on the menu. The pot can be replanted or be used as a mini bowl or tealight candle holder. Edible Gifts Decor Favours Herb Pot
Very cute Mini Potjie Pot planted with herbs makes unique and eyecatching Decor Gifts and Favours suitable for any occasion. Plant Herbs Microgreens Succulents or Flowers. Edible Gifts Decor Favours Potjie Herb Pot

Hot Sauce - Chillie Sauces and other Homemade Condiments.

Add an interesting Customized Personalized Label commemorating a special use the bottles as Decoration Gifts and Favours

Hot Sauce Chillie Condiments Homemade Edible Gifts
More products to be listed soon


Funeral, Memorial, Wake, Remembrance, Celebration of Life,
Service, Ceremony,
No matter what it is called, the reasons,
to have a Service or Ceremony, are the same.

Experiencing the Ritual

Taking part in a formal Funeral, Service, Ceremony often serves as an important rite of passage with both cultural and religious significance. It is seen as an important milestone and grow­ing experience on our way to adulthood in that it marks the time in our lives when we must face and cope with the reality of death. It also allows us to fulfill our cultural and religious obligations, not only to the deceased, but to our family and community as well.

Reconnecting with Friends and Family

Funerals, Memorial Services, and Wakes bring loved ones together.
Close family members and friends, as well as those we may not have seen in a while, come to us in our time of need to lend their support.
In fact, they form our support system—offering us their counsel and loving touch.
It is with them that we are able to share stories and fond re­membrances of the departed—painting a greater and more beautiful picture of his or her life and the impact they have had on others.

Beginning the Healing Process

Funerals give us the chance to begin the healing process.
Rather than keeping our intense feelings bottled up,
we are able to grieve openly in a safe and supportive environment
where the shedding or expressing of such emotions is encouraged and appropriate.
With the help of friends and family, we are given the opportunity to ease our emotional burdens and the time to sort out our complex feelings.
Feelings that, if suppressed, can have a harmful future effect on us
as well as those around us.

Honoring Their Memory

A funeral provides for the dignified and respectful care of the deceased.
The event itself is our way of paying special tribute to the life of a loved one and the positive influence they have had over our lives.
Holding the service allows us to feel that we have done the right
and honorable thing for them.
It is also our chance to remember and honor them our way,
not only in the man­ner in which they would have liked,
but in a manner that is important to us.

Saying Goodbye

Having a Funeral allows us to feel a sense of closure.
It is the time and place for us to say our last goodbyes.
It gives us the chance to tell our loved one the things
we did not or felt we could not say during their lifetime.
And it is the grand occasion on which to express
publicly how much we loved them and how dearly they will be missed.
Simply put, the Funeral is a way for us to say our peace
and move on with our lives.

Funeral, Memorial, Wake, Remembrance, Celebration of Life, Service, Ceremony

Funeral, Memorial, Wake, Remembrance, Celebration of Life, Decor, Gifts, Favours 


Pointing Down

Indoor Outdoor

Halloween Decor Gifts & Favours

For orders or DIY Instructions for all featured items

About Halloween it's meaning and Christianity

Halloween Pumpkins

Cute Clay Table Decorations and Gifts

Halloween Pumpkins Decor Gifts

Halloween Ghosts!

Happy & Sleepy are adorable little Ghosts. Great as Table Decorations Gifts and Favours

Make these Ghosts your own. Paint them with any paint or watercolours Glow in the Dark or Neon Glitter Paints you already have. Wrap them in gauze, spiderwebs, etc. Let your imagination guide you.

Halloween Ghosts | Happy Ghosts
Halloween Ghosts | Sleeping Sleepy

Halloween Candle Holders

Cauldrons Potjie Pots

Halloween Candle Holders Tealights
Black Cauldrons Potjie Pots with Herbs. Use them as Table Deoration. Let your Party Guest spice your Halloween Pumpkin Soup with the Herbs at the Table. Halloween Cauldrons Black | Potjie Pots

Halloween Hands

Life cast Hand Hands - these can be made to look gory and scary for halloween with a bit of (ketchup) "blood" holding some bones , spiderwebs, etc. Let your imagination run into Halloween Paradise to come up with the perfect decor solution.

Halloween Hands Life Cast Concrete Plaster of Paris
Draped Concrete Cement Ghosts - These are easy and fun to make with a bedsheet, any cotton cloth or towel. Make them super scary by lighting them up with solar fairy string lights. Strategically positioned they can double as Guards and Garden Feature. Halloween Ghosts Concrete Dipped Draped Cloth Concrete
These Tattered Shredded Cloth Ghosts Ghouls can be displayed as is or be dipped in concrete cement for outdoor use. Halloween Ghosts Ghouls Tattered Shredded Draped Cloth
Halloween - Tote - Drawstring - Decor - Gift - Favour - Loot - Bags

Halloween Loot Trick or Treat Bags Hessian Jute Burlap

Let us print them as illustrated - submit your own Design - or get unprinted bags and paint - embroider - embellish them yourself

Halloween Bags Loot Trick or Treat Drawstring Bags 

Halloween Loot Trick or Treat Bags Cotton

Let us print them with our own designs and your details or paint - embroider - embellish them yourself

Halloween Bags Cotton Loot Trick or Treat Cotton

Halloween Loot Trick or Treat Bags Non woven

Let us print them as illustrated with your details or paint and embellish them yourself

Halloween Tote Decor Gift Favour Loot -  Bags - Non woven

Halloween Loot Trick or Treat Bags Paper

Let us print them as illustrated with your details or submit your own design - or embellish the bags yourself.

Halloween Bags Tote Gift Favour Loot Bags Paper



clickon images to enlarge

Versatile Customized

Safe Flame Candles for any occasion !

Our safe Flame Candles are perfect candles for (supervised) Babies & Children !

They can be used as In – and Outdoor table candles – hung on trees - bushes (they are very light)  or around the neck !

Use them as Decor Party Lights or Table Decoration

Safe Flame Candle Lanterns

Safe Flame Candles

Customized - Personalized

Waxed Flame Resistant

Paper Candle Bags

Candle Bags

Customized - Personalized

Candle Bag Jar Lanterns

Candle Bag Jar Lanterns

Clay Lanterns Cone Tree Stars

Clay Cone Tree Star Lanterns

Clay Lanterns Tall Cone

Clay Cone Lanterns

Concrete Lanterns

Paint them white and insert coloured colour changing fairy lights.

Concrete Lanterns

Coloured Concrete Lanterns to suit your Decor or Occasion or give them away as gifts and favours. These Concrete Lantern Trees will create soft lighting where needed to create a mystical ambience.

Concrete Tree Cone - Coloured

Concrete Jacko Lanterns

Concrete Jacko Lanterns-Halloween
Advent Christmas Lanterns Advent Christmas Lanterns

Customized Personalized Lanterns

Aluminium Shim Tin and Glass Jar Lanterns

Table Top, Hanging

Birthday Easter Valentines Party

Special Occasions Wedding


Aluminium Shim Glass Jar Lanterns easily Customized to suit any requirement you may have.

Put a Tealight Candle Battery operated Candle or fairylights to illuminate the intricate customization.

Great Decor Lanterns Gifts or Favours

Glass Jar Tin Lanterns - Cat Hearts
Glass Jar Tin Lanterns - Sleeping Cat
Glass Jar Tin Lanterns - Galloping Horse
Glass Jar Tin Lanterns -  Horse Head

Glass Brick Lanterns

Glass Brick Lanterns

Paper Mache Lanterns

Paper Mache Lanterns Balls

Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns
Tin Can Lanterns - punched Tin Can Lanterns

Decoupaged Glass Jar Lanterns

Suitable as Table Top and Hanging Lanterns

Glass Jar Decoupage Lanterns




Party, Decor, Gifts, Favour, DIY, Craft Ideas One of the best parts about throwing a party is going CRAZY with all the party items that really bring a theme to life. If you're looking for party Decor, Gifts, and favours, for your next themed event, don't waste time running around town. We have, Party, Decor, Gift, items in every category. And the best is, that we can personalize, customize, custom make, realize your Party, Ideas. From, Decor, Gifts, Favours, to Lighting with Lanterns. More info, Tips & Tricks


Paper - Cardboard - Poster Board - Decor Gift - Favour - Bags - Boxes

Paper, Party, Decor, Gift, Favour, Bags, Boxes, for

Events, Parties, and Special Occasions.

Paper Decor Gift Gifts Favour Favours Bag Bags for Event Events Party Parties Special Occasion Occasions
Paper Gift Bags - Wedding Decor Gift Favour Bags
Gift Boxes - Pillow Gift Boxes

Party, Theme, Parties, Decor, Gift, Favour,

Bags, and, Boxes

Party, Theme, Parties, Decor, Gift, Favour, Bags, Boxes
More Paper Gift Bags and Gift Boxes BeadArt Beaded Gifts Favours Decor


Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, means, celebrating, and showing our Love and appreciation for a Unique, Extraordinary, Unique Person!

Nothing makes a, Extraordinary, Unique, Loved, Person feel more special than being celebrated with handcrafted, handmade, unique, Decor and Gifts!

Detailed information, DIY, Craft, Decor, Gifts - Instruction

Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Heart, Cone, Trees, Flower, WreathValentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Angel, Feather, Wing, Hearts

Valentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Gift, Bags, BoxesValentines, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Clay, Gift, Tags


Customized, Personalized, Wedding, Venue, Decor, Gifts, and Favours

Every Bride & Groom want's their Wedding Day, Venue, and Decor, to be perfect!

Choice of Wedding, Decorations, range from, Indoor, Outdoor, Rustic, Elegant, Understated, Statement, to everything in between.

Wedding, Gifts, and Favours, often do double duty, and are part of the, Venue, Decor.

The Bride, or Groom, may want to incorporate a specific, personalized, customized, item, flower, flower arrangement, or colour, for sentimental reasons.

Wine, Boxes, Gold, Silver, Wood, Customized, Personalized, Magnum, Champagne, Carry, Decor, Gift, Favour, Boxes.

Wedding, Decor, Gifts, Favours, Crafts, Craft Ideas, Tips



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