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Funeral Memorial Wake Remembrance Celebration of Life Service Decor Gifts Favours

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Differences Between a Memorial Service, Funeral Service, Wake, and Viewings

1. Wake Ceremony Service

A wake is a traditional Catholic ceremony based in part on the Celtic traditions of Ireland. The tradition states that family and close friends should stay awake through the night with the deceased in order to offer protection from evil spirits. The Catholic idea of a wake may also include a short ceremony where a priest recites the rosary or some scriptures. This is why wakes are also known as rosaries. Wakes typically performed at funeral homes and often take place a day or even several days before the funeral. Modern wakes can also take place right before the funeral, on the same day.

2. Viewing Ceremony Service

A viewing is a gathering of friends and family where visitors pay their respects to the deceased.  A viewing, compared to a funeral, is generally a more informal event. It allows mourners the opportunity to share their grief, support one another, and say goodbye on a personal level. Viewings take place at the funeral home typically the day before and sometimes the same day. The body of the deceased may likely be displayed to allow mourners the opportunity to pay their respects. Guests come and go as they see fit, some staying for hours while others drop by for just a few moments.
3. Funeral Service Ceremony
A funeral service is a service to memorialize a deceased person with their body present. Unlike a memorial service, or a wake, or a viewing, the funeral typically involves an actual burial. A funeral typically takes place at a funeral home or a place of worship such as a church. The funeral itself usually takes place anywhere from a day or two to a week or so after someone has passed away.
4. Memorial Service Ceremony

A memorial service or celebration of life event is a service to memorialize a deceased person. However, their body is not present. It is known as a memorial service if a person has been cremated and a service is held with the cremated remains present. If a burial occurs prior to the service for the deceased, then the future service is a memorial service.

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

Commercially available Funeral Memorial Wake Remembrance Celebration of Life Decorations and Gifts are rather boring and limited to the same products again and again.

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

Our Craftwizards understand that you want unique personalized Wreaths Decorations Gifts and Favours, something
beyond fresh Flowers!

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

Should I bring a gift to a Funeral, Memorial, Wake, Remembrance, Celebration of Life, Service, Ceremony?
Commemorating someone special with a thoughtful gift is the most precious keepsake you can give the bereaved

In Loving Memory

Honor the memory of a loved one with a unique customized personalized gift. Funeral Memorial Remembrance Celebration of Life Wake gifts show a kindness that will be be remembered for a long time.

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

Apart from a single Flower, Flower Bouquet, Handwritten Personalized Sympathy Card with a Bow and forever Flower, other thoughtful and appreciated Gifts are Personalized, Table Decorations, or any other item the grieving can remember the deceased by. Customized, Pillows, Bird feeders, Candles, and, Candle Holders, Engraved Stones for Flower Pots, Book Covers, etc. If you do not know the deceased well, ask those who do what she/he loved the most, had a passion for, and make/choose a gift that commemorates her/his Legacy.
Food for the meal, (repast), snack table, might also be appreciated by the host.
(Do ask the host what and how much to bring) Food for the Pantry/Freezer will certainly be appreciated by the bereaved.

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

Make a statement of friendship and helpfulness by making sure (investigate what is needed) you make a valuable contribution to the Funeral, Memorial, Remembrance, Celerbration of Life, Service, Ceremony, and the initial (hardest) grieving period!

Make or Buy Decorations, the Host can give away as Gifts, or Favours.
Make/buy enough for the bereaved to keep as a remembrance gifts.

Funeral Memorial Wake - Dove

We have selected a few items from our range for you! Do look at other Craft Ideas as well. Most can be made to suit any Theme and Occasion! From Rustic to Elegant and everything in between.

What to bring to a Funeral Memorial Wake Remembrance
Celebration of Life Service or Ceremony?

The best you can do for the bereaved is helping them making the Funeral or Memorial Service a personal
and memorable experience.

Dealing with bereavement is hard enough, offer to bring or make
Decorations and Gifts if that is what the bereaved want antendees to take home and offer your service to help with and/or organize / make all that makes the Day of the Funeral or Memorial run without the bereaved having to deal with all the details.

A small selection of
Unique Funeral Memorial Wake Remembrance
Celebration of Life Service Ceremony
Decor Gifts Favours

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Funeral Memorial Wake Remembrance, Celebration of Life, Service, Ceremony,
Flower Wreath with Easle.
A Customized Personalized Wreath on a freestanding poster easel decorated with forevever Clay Roses in any colour and a picture or text in the middle is a touching and beautiful tribute to the deceased.
Funeral Memorial Wake Flower Wreath on Easle
The Decorative Cone Trees stand in a Clay Wreath decorated with Clay Roses turn the Refreshment Buffet/Table into a heartwarming feature. Cone Trees with Rose Wreath
Cone Trees with Heart Cut outs lit with Copper Fairy String Lights.
These Heart Cone Trees are lit with blue string fairy lights because the deceased was a Gentleman. For a Lady you can use Pink or whatever
colour you fancy.
Cone Trees Hearts with Fairy String Lights
Cone Trees and Angel
Feather Wing Hearts.
To complete the Decor we added Clay Angel Hearts with blue Feather Wings. Not only do the featured items create personalized decor, but make lasting Condolence Sympathy gifts.
Cone Trees with Angel Feather Wing Hearts

Condolences Sympathy Cards
with forever Flowers.
A handwritten Sympathy card is personal and will certainly be appreciated. Decorate the Envelope with a Satin Bow and a forever clay Flower or Heart to make it even more special
and a lasting gift

Condolences Sympathy Cards Forever Flowers
5 Tier Cup Cake or Snack Stand lit with Fairy String Lights Cup Cake Snack Stand with Fairy String Lights

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