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Eco Craft - Ground Coffee Crafts - Ground Coffee - Coffee - Upcycled Coffee - Recyced Coffee - Handmade - Handcrafted - Bags - Planters - Bowls - Tealight Candle holders - Candle Holders - Decor - Gifts - Favours - Made with real used Coffee Grounds !

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Decor Decorations

Give us your used coffee grounds and let us transform it into anything you need!

Bowls - Decor - Serving trays - Candle Holders - Tealight Candle Holders - etc.

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Gugelhupf

Candle Holders

Vases - Flower arrangement containers

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Candle Holder - Gugelhupf
Ground Coffee - Coffee - Vases -  Flower Arrangment Container Containers - Gugelhupf

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Bag and Flower - Planter - Vase - Centre Piece - Gift - Favour - Decor

Outside measurements: w130 x h 130 x d 65mm

Inside measurements: w95 x h50 x 40mm

Ground Coffee Bag Bags Decor Planter Planters Vase Vases

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Mini Bag - Planter - Vase - Centre Piece - Gift - Favour

Outside measurements: w80 x h60 x d45mm

Inside measurements: w65 x h30 x d25mm

Ground Coffee Gift Bag Bags Decor Planters Vase Vases Miniature

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Bowls - Decor - Tealight Candle Holder - Planter - Vase - Gift - Favour

A deep, 50mm recess makes this item an ideal Hurricane candle light.

Ground Coffee Tealight Candle Holders Decor Gifts Gifts Favour Favours
Ground Coffee - Coffee - Decor - centre piece - Gifts - favours
Ground Coffee Decor Center Piece Pieces Vase Planter Gift Gifts Favour Favours Favor Favors

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Bowl or Vase with a gold clay flower

and fresh greens.

Ground Coffee Bowl Bowls Flowers Decor Gifts Favours Favors

Ground Coffee - Coffee - Bowl - Vase - Tealight candle holder with

gold clay flower and Ivy

Ground Coffee Bowl Bowls Vase Vases Tealight Candle Holder Holders Flower Arrangement container containers


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