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Air Dry Clay Ceramics Crafts Decorations Gifts Favours

Clay Bisques

Clay Ceramics Bisques Craft Ideas

Clay Ceramics Modeling Moulding Dough is a popular medium with young and old and

getting Children to craft making it a sensory experience focusing on the process not the product.

  • Libraries often have children's programs focused on arts and crafts.
  • Local craft stores may offer workshops or classes specifically designed for kids
    and/or the elderly

The most important thing is to create a positive and encouraging environment
where anyone, children and the elderly, feel comfortable exploring their creativity.

Air dry Clay is available at most Craft Supply and Hardware Stores.
DIY Salt Dough is often recommended as a substitute.

Unlike Store bought Clay, which gives a smooth finish,
Flour & Salt Dough and Dough made with Bicarbonate of Soda give a grainy finish.

Modelling clay is also known as
play dough or play doh

Keep playdough in an air-tight container, and don't leave it out if it's not in use. If you don't do this, it will solidify and become impossible to use.

Modelling Dough

What is Air dry clay

Air dry clay is a type of clay that dries in the air. As the name suggests, this clay doesn’t require any heating or baking; simply leave it in a room temperature area and it will dry. Depending on the thickness of your model, it will typically take around 1 to 3 days to dry. 

Solid thick items can take up to a week to dry

Air Dry Clay - What is Air Dry Clay

What is polymer clay?

Polymer clay is a type of modelling clay that hardens once baked. It is a popular choice as it’s available in a range of vibrant colours and is very easy to work with. Polymer clay won't dry out whilst working, it will always remain a soft texture at room temperature. 

Bake polymer clay at 275 degrees F = 140 celsius for 15 to 30 minutes per ¼ inch = 1cm of clay thickness.

Polymer Clay - What is Polymer Clay

Literally anyone with two hands can create something with clay.

Our Craft Wizards are experienced, hence have the ability and know how to create complex items.

Hence, are able to realize your ideas into personalized Decor Gifts and/or Favours

ensuring that your Party - Restaurant - Coffee Shop - Function - Event - Venue -
and/or Special Occasion will be the most talked about venue/event people will rave about for a long time!

We can give you A-Z information about every item we create!

All Clay products are versatile and can be made to suit any theme.

From Rustic - Romantic to Elegant and everything in between.

DIY Instructions Tips & Tricks

Pointing down

A small selection of our clay creations ♦ Click on images to enlarge

Clay Ceramics Bisques Crafts Decor Gifts and Favours

Order or make the below listed items in Gold - RoseGold - Silver - Bronze or any colour suiting your theme. Use them separately or add them to other products.

As we have done it for Advent & Christmas, Easter, Funeral, Halloween, Valentines, Decorations and Gifts

Handcrafted, Air Dry, Clay, Flowers - Gold - Rosegold - Bronze - Silver or any colour you may need the flowers to be.

They look stunning on our bags, bowls, flower arrangement containers, planters and candle holders.

We size them as needed.

Clay Flowers Bronze Gold Silver
Paint them yourself or leave them blank and let your guests paint them. For no mess and easy clean up provide Watercolour paint palettes and a few brushes. Keeps Children and bored Guests occupied.
Clay Stars Hearts Tags - We make them in any size and shape you need! Plain - Engraved or Label them yourself Clay Gift Tags Hearts Stars

Air Dry Clay Name Place Cards with Horse shoe and Rose Flower

Clay Name Place Cards Horseshoe Rose 
Clay Tealight Candle Holders Clay Flower Tealight Candle Holder

Clay Trays Saucers - This unique Tray Saucer has two indents you can use for Tealight Candles- small Pot or Vase

Made to suit your requirements

Clay Trays Saucers

Clay Bowls can be used as Tealight Candle Holders Plant Pots Flower arrangment container, etc.

Made to suit your requirements

Clay Bowls
Clay Cups Candle and/or Flower Cups - use as a Hurricane Candle Lamp Light - Tealight, Candle Holder - Mini Plant Pot Vase Flower arrangement container or fill it with whatever suits your theme as Decor Gifts and Favours Clay Cup Tealight Candle Holder Hurricane Lamp

Mini Potjie Pot - Use it as Tealight candle Holder Votive - Herb Microgreen Planter - Decor Gifts and Favours

These can be painted personalized customized to suit your requirements

Clay Potjie Pots Tealight Candle Holder
Potjie Pots Mini Herb, Microgreen Succulent Planters Clay Potjie Pots Herb Microgeens Succulents Planters

Clay Bags covered in Burlap Hessian Jute decorated with Clay flowers.

Use them as Decor Gifts Favours Tealights Candle or Flower Vase holders or to
Grow Herbs or Microgreens

Clay Bags with Burlap Jute Hessian and Flowers

Clay Bag Top View

Clay Ceramics Thellwell Pony - Display the Pony as is with a watercolour palette and let your Guests paint them.

Or paint them yourself to suit your theme.

Great to keep Children Occupied and use it as Decor Gifts or Favours

Clay Thelwell Pony
African Clay Masks Clay African Masks
Clay Ceramics Bisques Puppies are sure to win the attention and hearts of many. Clay Ceramics Bisques Puppies

Clay Ceramics Bisques Kittens

one cannot help but love

Clay Ceramics Bisques Kittens
Clay Ceramics Bisques Dinos Dinosaurs Clay Cermics Bisques Dinosaurs
Clay Ceramics Bisque Ellies Elephants Clay Ceramics Bisques Ellies Elephants
Who would not want to be greeted by this adorable Clay Ceramics Bisque Hippo placed on your Bed+Breakfast - Lodge - Breakfast Lunch or Dinner Table together with a watercolour palette for you or your Children to start painting.......... Clay Cermics Bisques Hippo Hippopotamus
Clay Ceramics Bisque Mushrooms are a great addition to any or our producst and look adorable if placed amongst a flower arrangment . Clay Cermics Bisques Mushrooms
Clay Ceramics Bisque Pumpkin Clay Ceramics Bisques Pumpkin

Clay Ceramics Bisque Ghost

Make these Ghosts your own. Paint them with any paint or watercolours you may already have. Wrap them in gauze, spiderwebs, etc. Let your imagination guide you.

Clay Ceramics Bisques Ghost - Happy
Clay Ceramics Bisques Ghost Sleeping

Clay Cone Trees

These can be made in white colour or terracotta sized to suit your requirements.

Painted inside with metallic paint to enhance illumination.

While popular as Christmas Decoration and Gifts, they can be personalized and are a great addition to any special Occasion Decor.

Clay Cone Trees Christmas Trees
Clay Cone Trees Stars


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