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Candle Wax Reuse Recycled Upcycled

Candle Wax Reuse Recycle Upcycle

Don’t throw away your old, used-up candles! Take an old candle, a pretty container and a little time and you have a brand new upcycled candle. They make beautiful, handcrafted gifts! Aromatherapy for every Room of your home.

All featured Fires Candles and Torched can be fed with used Candle Wax - Grated Wax, Wax Chunks (for large Containers) & Candle Wax Pellets. All have floating Fiberglass Candle Wicks.

Tealights are commonly short and cylindrical, approximately 38 mm (1.5 in) in diameter by 16 mm (0.63 in) high, with white unscented wax weighing 9.8 - 10grams.

Tealights are +/- R 1.20 each versus Wax Pellets R45.00 per kg.
That means a box of 50 Tealights = R120.00
Versus 500grams Wax Pellets = R22.50

So, even if you do not have any Candle wax leftovers, feeding the Wax Burners / Melters with Pellets is a lot cheaper.

This makes a huge difference in cost if you use a Large Wax Candle Container to power a Room Space Heater, Garden Candle/Torch.

No matter what you use, grated wax, wax pellets, wax chunks, you can add Essential, Fragrance, Oils, including, Mosquito, repellant, Citronella, Oils, to all.

If you want cost effective Aromatherapy, Candles, Candle, Wax, Burners, Melters, we have the solution.


Kerzenfresser, (Candle Wax Eater) is a patented Ceramic Container with a scientifically developed patented inner.

Schmelzfeuer Candle Wax Burner Kerzenfresser

You are welcome to make your own DIY Kerzenfresser (Candle Wax Eater). We could not get it to burn continuously nor burn/melt added wax chunks.

Here's another DIY Option for Garden Fire Torches . Same story as above we could not get it going.


We wanted Permanent Floating Candle wax Wicks suitable for all Candle Containers Terracotta Pots Glasses Votives.
A Permanent never-ending Candle fed with Wax Pellets Grated Wax and random Candle Wax pieces / chunks.

After hours of experimenting and many failures we have converted an idea into Reality!
Anyone can make Permanent Candles with floating Fiberglass CANDLE WAX WICKS without a Candle making Laboratry and Sciende Degree.

LaboratryScience Degree

You'll need:

Candle Wax leftovers

Wax Chunks for larger Ceramic or Terracotta Pots, Votives - Small Wax Pieces and Grated Wax for smaller Pots Votives.

The fine drum of a Cheap manual Table Top Grater produces best results.

Candle Wax Grater

Copper Wire (Strip a redundant) Electrical Cable or get some from most Hardware Stores.

Empty Aluminium Tealight Cups.

Make a hole of about 20mm in the middle of the empty tealight cup.

Make 4 small holes around the inside rim of the empty tealight cup.

Cut 4 length of Copper wire long enough to reach just above the rim of your Pot, Glass, Candle, Votive.

Mix a small amount of Plaster of Paris.

Pour about a 10mm base into the Votive you intend to use. This seals the hole at the bottom of the Terracotta Pots.

Line up the 4 Copper wires to correspond with the holes you made in the empty Tealight cup, and stick the wires into the poured Plaster of Paris.

Hold for a bit (60-90seconds) should be enough.

Let the Plaster harden (+/- 1hr)

Remove the tealight cup.

Fill the Candle, Pot, Glass, Votive, with melted, grated, Wax, or Wax Pellet, to 2-3cm below the top rim.

Cut the Fiberglass String Strands (it is easy to unpick the braiding and harvest a few strands) to a length of 40-50mm

Take a small piece of copper wire - make a loop and fit the Fiberglass Wick into the Loop hole. Tighten slightly to prevent the wick from slipping down.

Use a wooden spoon handle to make a tunnel for the insertion of the wick.

Slide the wick into the Tealight Candle Cup - Slide Cup and Wick over the 4 anchored copper wire uprights.

Dribble some liquid wax over the wick top and into the Tealight Candle Cup.

This Works for Table Fires Garden Torches Room and Space Heaters as well as smaller Candles. The below pictured Terracotta pot is the ideal size. Use or Make a thin wick for ordinary candle light and a thicker one if you want a table fire / torch or use the Candle to power a Space/Room Heater.

Light the Wick. The burning Wick will be fed by drawing up melted wax through the centre hole.

The aluminium Tealight Candle Cup gets hot, melts wax and continuously feeds the Wick with wax to burn.

As the wax level drops, the Tealight Cup will slide down along the Copper uprights.

Feed, or top the Candle up with grated Candle Wax, Pellets, Chunks or whatever wax pieces you have.

Top up the Candle before it has gone to the very bottom and before the remaining hardens.


Enjoy your never ending permanent Candle, Wax, Fire, Torch, and Room Heater.

The Diagram below illustrated how you can build your own Table Top Room/Space Heater

Candle Wicks Floating Permanent FiberglassFloating Permanent Candle Wick Cut Bottle Top

Candle Room Space HeatersSpace Room Heater Terracotta Pots  Diagram

Terracotta Pots Candle Wax VotivesCandle Torch Wicks Permanent Fiberglass



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