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Hi... h....thanks for popping in!

We at Craft Wizard are here to

Design, Create & Craft for you!

We'd love to realize your ideas, visions or help you to create unique

Decor, favours & gifts, food and sauces for your

Wedding Weddings - Event Events - Function Functions and Party Parties!


Handmade - Handcrafted - Homemade

Arts & Crafts by Artists and Crafters


From Rustic, Romantic to elegant and everything in between,

Decor, favours, gifts. Edible Decor Gifts and Favours.

Custom designed, handmade, handcrafted or homemade for you!


The biggest honour you can bestow on

Artists and Crafters, is letting them realize your ideas!



Have a Comment? Suggestion(s)? Need Information? Want to chat to us?



Craft Wizards

is waiting for you!

Bye......for now!


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